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About SPM

The Southampton Pagan Moot (not to be confused with the university-based Southampton Pagans Moot, (now Pagan Southampton) founded by Jon Fisher in 2005) started in spring 1995 as an OBODs (Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids) seed-group which introduced local pagans to open rituals held by the Druid Grove Of Etain in the New Forest, though one of the founding members was an Alexandrian Wiccan.

The Moot gradually lost its Druidic flavour as people of all manner of pagan persuasions began to show up so that by 2000 it included Gardnerians, Alexandrians, Hedgewitches, Chaos magicians, Ceremonial High Magick Western Traditionalists, Heathens, Zoroastrians, Shamans and Polytheist Reconstructionists of various kinds.

In October 2013 we reluctantly left our original home, the Duke of Wellington in Bugle Street, for our present venue at The Dancing Man Brewery, Town Quay, Southampton SO14 2AR, as the Duke had become progressively less hospitable (a pub turning itself into a restaurant has been the death of many a good moot).

We continue our proud tradition of welcoming orthodox and freethinking pagans of all kinds - and non-pagans, too - and of helping connect newcomers to a number of open rituals, camps and other events in the area. We are a social gathering of like-minded people with the occasional organised talk. It's the people who come that makes the group what it is, and get to decide what we do! There is no structure - we are all equal - and all are welcome.